How to Survive a Long Road Trip

Nothing more exiting like a road trip, right? Well, not quite. There is a fine line between a boring, exhausting road trip and a pretty enjoyable experience. The key here is to prepare ahead everything you’ll need. If you are going to be stuck in a car for many hours, then you have to make an effort to get the best out of it. Road trips are a great way to know a country, there is something really special about seeing all the beautiful landscapes a country has to offer just passing through your car’s window. When people say “it’s not about the destination, focus on the journey” it’s not just cheap talk. Road trips are all about the road, if you obsess over the destination, it will feel like forever to get there, so enjoy the road while you are on it or choose another kind of transportation.

Start the road trip way before getting in the card

The key to a successful road trip is to start the road trip way before getting in the card. Pack everything you’ll need but don’t over-pack your car, seeing the car completely stuffed can make you feel uncomfortable even if you don’t realize it. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Road trips are expose to car problem set backs, so pack tools, a flashlight and spare batteries. Download your favorite GPS app, even if you know the route, a map can save you if there is any obstacle in the route and you need to take another way. Bring a portable charger for your phone because you will run out of battery eventually; even better get a back up charger just in case. Bring a steam cleaner and a pair of cloth to clean your car because eventually it will get dirty and nothing worst that traveling in a smelling car. Lastly pack food! Not only road trip snacks, but also real food that can be easily prepare along the way.

Entrainment is everything in road trip. Take this chance to enjoy some alone time that its difficult to find on our everyday life. Prepare a play-list with your favorite music or prepare a play-list with entirely new music to discover. Listen to that pod-cast you have been intending to listen to or bring an audio book of a new book to make things interesting. The sky is the limit on this matter, just get creative and enjoy the trip!