The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

If you are one of those person that wait until the last minute to pack your suitcase, welcome to the club! This bad habit is nothing to be ashamed of since most people do it like this before their holiday. But the truth is that you and I know that this is not the best or most efficient way to pack a suitcase. I can bet that every time you have pack this way you have ended up forgetting an item, open your bag to find wrinkles or stains in your clothes, or even have end up paying overweight baggage fees. This problems can be solved just by doing your packing the right way.

First of all

First of all you have to choose the right suitcase for you. Of course, this will depend on how long will you stay during your holiday. While it is truth that packing for 5 days it’s not the same as packing for one month, the rules are the same. In the market you can find many lightweight luggage, those are a great option to make the best out of your weight limitations. Every airline has different limitations, so every pound counts when it’s time to checking in your luggage. Also consider investing on a luggage scale, this is a good idea so when you finished packing you can check that you are under your weight limit, or in the contrary, know when to take stuff out.

What you’ll need

Before you start packing, you have to know what you’ll need during your vacation. Take a few minutes to make a packing list with everything that you think you will need. Review this list twice and keep only the bare minimum, this includes taking out the “just in case” items. Now it’s time to pack! Divide your clothes in prone to wrinkles fabrics and stiff or heavy clothing. The first ones its best to rolled them up really tight, this will save space and avoid wrinkles. The second group it’s best to folded straight. Pack the rolled items at the bottom of your suitcase and put on top the folded ones. A good options is to invest in a vacuum bag to get the best out of your luggage space. Small items like underwear, shirts, socks or electronics, can be fitted on the sides of your luggage, use all space available, and this includes putting them inside shoes. To avoid any spills, put on your toiletries inside zip-bags.